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Vendace on a platter

Another absolute must when you are visiting Savonlinna is crispy fried vendace ("muikku") - a small lake fish that can be regarded as "fast food à la Savo" This delicacy is also offered by a number of restaurants, the most popular being the Terrace Restaurant at the Hotel Seurahuone, where you can enjoy vendace served on a wooden platter while admiring the spectacular lake panorama from the terrace restaurant on the sixth floor of the hotel.

Try lörtsy pasties

Savonlinna´s best-known speciality is probably the "lörtsy", a kind of meat pasty that is also available with, for example, various jam fillings. A coffee with a lörtsy at the bustling Savonlinna Marketplace is a must for any visitor to the town in summertime. At the Marketplace it´s also worth looking out for other tasty local specialities, such as pies and pasties baked in a rye crust.

Brewery Restaurant Huvila
Brewery Restaurant Huvila

Brewery Restaurant Huvila offers unique experiences in the center of Savonlinna, by Lake Saimaa. the wooden house built in 1912 exudes peace and elegance. The menu changes with the seasons, always offering fresh and up to date delicacies. The use of local harvests in all its forms is typical of the restaurant.

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Operation Lörtsy
- How to proceed:

1. Go to the Savonlinna Marketplace and look for a stall with a sign that says "Lörtsyjä". Boldly approach the vendor.

2. Decide whether you´d like a savoury snack or something sweet. Choose something you fancy from the lörtsy menu. (Or maybe try something savoury for your main course and something sweet for dessert).

3. Place your order - the vendors usually understand other languages besides the local Savo dialect.

4. Take you titbit and find a nice picnic spot amongst the other lörtsy eaters.

5. There´s no need to hurry, so admire the scenery, lick the sugar from the corners of your mouth, and allow yourself plenty of time to digest this delicacy.