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Come and enjoy the inimitable atmosphere of Finland´s liveliest summertime town

The summer holiday is a great time to loosen your tie, switch off your mobile phone and go off and unwind far from the stresses and strains of everyday life. As a counterbalance to the bustle of the town, you can take it easy at a spa or take the whole family to experience life on a farm. Or how about just sitting on the jetty with your fishing rod on a warm summer evening at your rented lakeside cottage? In the summertime we also offer high quality rental apartments in the city centre.

A luxury villa or a lakeside cottage?

You can choose anything from a traditional cottage with a sauna to a luxury villa, or from a cottage situated in the splendid surroundings of a former manor to a cottage at a holiday centre offering a comprehensive range of services.  Luxury cottages are equipped with all the latest conveniences and holiday centres provide services for even the most demanting tastes.

A hotel in the city centre or an idyllic manor?

Hotels in the heart of Savonlinna and in the area offer special holiday packages including everything you need to enjoy your holiday. Many local companies also offer exercise and wellness services in addition to accommodation. You may also throw yourself in genuine local atmosphere in idyllic manor accommodation. Check out also idyllic apartments in the very heart of Savonlinna!


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