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The city of Savonlinna is built on islands, so it is a dream destination also for swimmers and sunbathers. Several beaches are only a stone´s throw from the city centre, and you can find also more peaceful coves nearby, if you want to tan your skin in a bit more private setting. Water is very clean and the beaches usually very family-friendly, so it is safe for all ages to splash in the Lake Saimaa. If lolling around the beach gets too hot, there are usually ice cream stands and terrace bars serving cold drinks nearby.

Bird´s eye view to the lakeland

You may know that the Lake Saimaa is the largest lake district in Europe, but it is very hard to understand the vastness of this neverending blue and green maze which includes over a hundred lakes and thousands of islands before you see it from the bird´s eye view. It is possible to rent a hydroplane at Savonlinna harbour, right in the middle of the town centre, and take a flight around the city of Savonlinna and the amazing archipelago of the Lake Saimaa.

Dinner Cruise to the Opera & Olavinlinna Castle
Dinner Cruise to the Opera & Olavinlinna Castle

Prices from:
/ Person
A steam ship cruise from Savonlinna passenger harbour to Olavinlinna Castle. A great buffet dinner, made of local delicacies will be served during the cruise. Price 90 €/person.

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